In 2013 we started with 2 tours and 1 concept. In May 2013, the first and only Amsterdam  Ecotour, a tour along the sustainable hotspots in Amsterdam was a fact. We also started that month with the Amsterdam phototour given by a professional photographer. And above all we launched the Rent a friend concept for people who want to rent a reliable and interesting local. From the start all three were a great succes.

Since 2014 we have 4 brand new tour concepts: 

- Amsterdam phototour by Night

- Amsterdam Hidden Highlights

- Tulip photo excursion (april/may only) 

- Active Holland Tours


We organise again private/ custom made and open tours. 


For more information about the individual tours; see above under "our tours"

For available dates Open Tours see: "book now"


Please don't hesitate if you have any questions! 


Prices private tours: depends on whises and groupsize.

Remember; Everything is possible, your wish is your tour!

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