After an amazing year touring guests from all over the world in Amsterdam and the rest of The Netherlands we can say that our company is doing great!

We are super happy and grateful about that.

Our guests understand our concept of being personal, offer custom made tours from a few hours to multiple days and enjoying above all that the fact all our tours are local and genuine. Due to their recommendations which resulted in the highest ranking on travelpages and the recommodations of the best Amsterdam hotels, Toms Travel Tours is expanding rapidly!

We continuously are looking for ways to improve our services.We work hard to offer the best experiences in Amsterdam and around. Every day we scout new places, meeting interesting persons, offer updated tours and improve our website in order to bring the best since the very first contact with new guests.

Though we like to finish this year with a new challenge. 

Because although our guests love our personal touch, we also know that there are travellers who just want the best tour and book it quick and easy.

Today we launch our easy to book tour! These deals are meant for travellers who don't want all that precontact emailcorrespondence but instead a perfect tour and above all an easy booking one. For these guests we developed a tour by selecting all our favorite elements and put them in an easy to book tour!

For the time being we offer an easy to book morning walk. You will enjoy the most popular Toms Travel Tours choices through the most beautiful and interesting Amsterdam Hidden Highlights.


We will offer you more options soon!


You just have to check the availability in our calendar, type the basic info and pay. That's all: your private tour is a fact! 


To promote our new deal, we offer them for a special price.


Tell your travelling friends about it, or come and try it out yourself!