Amsterdam Photo Safari


The Amsterdam Photo Tour will bring you along the tourist highlights of the Dutch capital as well as the less well known hidden gems. During this private tour you will learn how to make professional pictures of the city from the professional travel photographer, Tom van der Leij. (suggested tour time 3 to 4 hours)

See Tom's personal website for travel inspiration all around the world:

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My aim is to teach the participants how to take photos of people. Amsterdam is beautiful, especially when the seasons change and the flora and fauna are in bloom. People change with the seasons, their clothes, the way they walk and look. These human elements are essential for a good photo, because we all can take a good picture of the canals lined with the fresh green trees. 

But in a hundred years time it will still look the same. Photos of people however can tell when it was. I can teach you how to approach people and still take spontaneous photos of them." Learn by practicing the basics of photography, your shutter speed and aperture and get some pro photos of yourself, made by Tom and the rest of the group. "I will teach you how easy it is to dare to take photos of strangers. These short interactions are actually a lot of fun and you can use the skill the rest of your life!

We had already stayed a week in Amsterdam and toured with several guides before engaging a photo tour with Tom. He is a professional photographer and a real natural with the camera. While teaching us a few tricks with the camera, he still managed to incorporate a tour of old Amsterdam and the medieval courtyards (Begijnhof) in the process. We also managed to catch a beautiful sunset at an old shipyard in noord Amsterdam for great pictures. It was all in all a memorable photo tour!
— Ming - Singapore - Tripadvisor
A good day in Amsterdam with photography as the main theme but also getting to know the places the locals go. I thoroughly enjoyed it and recommend Toms Tour to everyone who wants to get to know the real Amsterdam.
— Jackie Frew